In addition to enjoying the sun, the view and the tranquility of our surroundings, you can enjoy delicious drinks and exquisite dishes served by our chef, in the pool with infinite view.

We offer you many and diverse activities for you to make your stay in Siete Lunas, something spectacular and with a seal of unforgettable


Treat yourself in the privacy of your room with a massage executed by professional hands that give you an experience that  can range from something relaxing, a deep massage, or prenatal, perhaps with suction cups, to the Chiromassage to treat discomfort of the body and its alignment.


Surprise your partner by sharing a delicious dinner prepared by our chef especially for you, in an exceptional beautiful, romantic and unique setting.

Round out your experience as you connect deeply with yourself in this natural and quirky setting.

In Siete Lunas you can also live the excitement provided by experiences that will activate your adrenaline to the maximum, such as the canopy,motorcycle rides and  raizer,on roads that safely enter the jungle, or maybe you prefer that horseback ride that is extremely fun.
In winter you can see in the bay the presence of whales that travel thousands of miles to have their young here, it is a great  spectacle!

Bird watching near San Pancho can become something to remember forever.
You can also request private surf and  paddle  boardlessons, as well as go fishing in the wonderful Pacific Ocean.
A walk to the Marietas Islands is a must on your visit to Siete Lunas as it has become an iconic place in the area, for the number and variety of species of birds and fish that  inhabit it as well as its popular Playa del Amor.